Taylor Nicole

Taylor Nicole was born and raised in Bowie Maryland by a single mother of four girls. She is the youngest of her sisters and at a very young age, the importance of community service was instilled in her by her mother. Growing up, she remembers always being involved in community service initiatives. At the age of 15 she developed a genuine love for giving back and serving others while volunteering with her cheerleading team at a shelter for young mothers and children. Taylor created bonds effortlessly with the little girls at the shelter which brought her so much joy. Little did she know, this experience was one small puzzle piece that would soon reveal a bigger picture.

Taylor received her cosmetology license upon graduating from high school in 2012. Beginning a career in the beauty industry at the young age of 16, Taylor was exposed to many of the issues that young girls and women face on a daily basis.  Taylor saw being a hair stylist as more than just doing hair as she loves to help people look and feel their best. "The look on my clients faces as I would hand them the mirror to see their hair would always give me the most satisfaction imaginable. I was able to help young girls and women feel more confident and build their self-esteem. Making others feel good about themselves is what makes me happy".

In 2016, Taylor Nicole graduated from Howard University's School of Business with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. During her matriculation at Howard University, Taylor was a Resident Assistant which put her in a position to not only be a mentor, but also a confidant to her girls. This opportunity brought her even closer to finding her passion. Taylor also participated in many programs and organizations that were committed to serving underserved communities and giving back to those in need. "One of my most memorable experiences was participating in Alternative Spring Break which is a university wide initiative at Howard to provide immediate assistance and to reflect on the challenges prevalent in communities throughout society. I went to Detroit for a week with the focus of reducing the illiteracy rate and came back to DC a different person. I gained a mentee and lifelong friend as well as a clearer vision of God's plan for my life. Howard University is the epitome of Truth and Service and I'm so blessed to be the embodiment of just that."